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Readers’ Gallery: Michael G’s Revell 1/48 P-51D ‘DA QUAKE’ + Special Interior

Michael G goes full beast mode on this P-51. Great stuff Michael!

From the 343rd FS, 55th FG, this 1/48 depiction began as an idea for a sole interior half-fuselage build, coupled with a separate full model. Acquiring three old garage quality P-51D kits to use for this idea, I’ve proceeded here to build just one aircraft – albeit with a revved-up interior. Idea backstory: The first kit I acquired was Fujimi’s version, but it contained no fuselage as received. The next kit obtained for these integral parts was Revell’s 70’s kit; and finally another old Hawk kit was also obtained (all were bargain basement!) The Fujimi kit had the most refined detail, including the engine, so certain parts have been borrowed from it, but the PRIMARY kit used is actually the Revell kit. It’s exterior details are sufficient (even with its raised panel lines) so a slightly off-standard finish approach was implemented.

INTERIOR PROJECT: From fore to aft in this P-51D, compartmental detail is given to – the engine; oil-firewall-rear IP; cockpit; fuel tank/radio equip; oxygen tank area; rear landing gear. Aftermarket used for the cockpit is True Details’ 48453 resin set, which worked up very well inside the Revell fuselage. In laziness 😉 I did not carve out the resin block under the fuel tank/radio deck, which turned out to be OK. Also form-fitting well was the V-1650 Merlin engine from the Fujimi kit – though finicky alterations (indeed the toughest part of the build) for the molded-in exhaust on the Revell fusee were made so that the independent manifold parts I wanted to use later would fit right (I also bored the holes in the engine block, just for the visual.) Everything rear of the cockpit is fully scratchbuilt – my personal affinity.


EXTERIOR BUILD: The EagleCals decal set used (EC#142) was exceptional, and a real pleasure to work with, rewarding all my paint efforts. A special addition I wanted to give was the small antennae on the tailfin for the AN/APS-13 rear-warning this D-version would have, given its interior fuel tank setup (placed on the tank with the SCR-522 VHF AM receiver.) Another addition was an aftermarket resin prop – Ultracast 48137 (cuffless and blunt.) Finally, for armament I chose to add two 350lb depth charges (use your imagination?) to the hardpoints, and I scratchbuilt and carefully installed the six .50cal barrels into the wing. So…here comes ‘DA QUAKE’!