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Build Report: Eduard’s 1/48 Spitfire Mk. IXe


This is the 5th Eduard Spitfire I’ve built, so I guess you could say I’ve gotten over my original problems with the kit. I give a lot of the credit to Ultracast. While I’ve always enjoyed using their seats (with molded in belts!), their other parts for Eduard’s Spitfire mitigated most of my complaints with the kit. Now, every time I build an Eduard Spitfire, I make sure I have an Ultracast single piece upper cowl, which they offer in flat and bulged versions, and their exhausts, which can be inserted after painting. Flared and tubular versions are offered. They offer other great parts too- spinner and prop blades, tires, pilot access doors. Of all of them, I feel the cowl, exhausts and seat are essential.

On this build I used the Ultracast seat, exhausts, bulged upper cowl and prop spinner.

Having written about the kit itself several times, I’m not sure much more can be said. Fit is excellent. The cockpit is very detailed, and other than the Ultracast seat doesn’t really need any dressing up. (Although I still feel the injection molded IP is a bit weak.)

Assembly of the airframe is not a problem, and while there are quite a number of parts, if you follow the instructions carefully, you shouldn’t encounter any difficulties. This is especially important with the wheel wells. They have quite a few parts, but if you take it slow and pay attention to putting the right part number in the right place, it all just locks right in. Basically- if it doesn’t seem to fit right, the problem is most likely you, not the parts. 🙂

This kit was the Weekend Edition boxing with Czech markings. The kit was painted with the Tamiya “triumvirate” of XF-81, 82 and 83, colors that I go through quite quickly with all of my RAF builds. The decals worked flawlessly, and were of very high quality. I went fairly heavy on the weathering, mostly because I simply wanted to. I didn’t really take the time to find out if these aircraft were actually weathered that heavily.

I really do recommend building at least one of these. Or five. Or more. They’re great kits, and when paired with Ultracast’s awesome parts, they are the best late Merlin Spitfire you can build.