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2015-10-02 20.49.47

    1 thought on “2015-10-02 20.49.47”

    1. You’ve made a very nice build, and I especially admire your careful painting of the cockpit details.
      I just started this kit yesterday (1 Oct 20). The only change I have made is to add small spacers to the front of the cowl parts and fill the resulting Vs with Tamiya gray putty to produce a more rounded section. I also had to fill sink depressions on each side of the part that mounts the engine – I might need to get a resin replacement, as the engine is rather anemic – two dimensional.
      I haven’t decided whether to do this scheme or the Thai scheme yet. The decals and armament recommendations for either don’t match well with the few photos I’ve found. I’ll make that decision this weekend.
      Thanks for sharing your clear photos and great build!

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