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Readers’ Gallery: Colin Bryan’s Special Hobby 1/48 Fairey Firefly Mk. V


Colin Bryan shared this great looking Firefly Mk. V. Despite some challenges, he made this into a great looking model. And despite the fact that it is Special Hobby, I’m seriously thinking about tackling one myself. Great work Colin!

Finally I can declare my Firefly Mk. V finished. It was a challenge, and frustrating at times, so I’m glad it’s done. The fit was mostly poor and needed to be adjusted. I had problems painting, and ended up with too much paint on the model again. The decals were difficult to apply as well. They look excellent when on the model but getting them there was difficult and I had several disasters.

I can’t really recommend this kit unless you like a challenge or really want to build this particular model. To be fair to Special Hobby they should be applauded for kitting unusual aircraft in this scale. I just wish it were easier to build. Not all the problems were due to the kit though. Among other errors, I managed to initially glue the arrestor hook onto the model the wrong way. It had to be levered off and replaced!