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Readers’ Gallery: John Eaton’s Williams Brothers 1/72 C-46 Commando


John Eaton shared his finished work on the C-46 Commando. Great work John!

This one may have been started 7 or 8 years ago, I don’t really remember. I used the prop hubs and engine fronts from a Monogram B-26, antennas from the Academy B-17E, and the pitot tubes from a Pioneer AT-11. The interior floor, cockpit and bulkheads were rebuilt with sheet styrene and spares. I tried to use the Squadron vacform canopy but ended up using the using the kit part. The model was sanded and rescribed, windows were fitted so they protruded and then were sanded smooth to the exterior. It was in many respects a stooge to work on natural metal finish and was repainted in whole or part many times over the years. I am still not there with the natural metal, I would like to find a clear coat that works because I keep messing the finish up handling it the way I am doing it now. The red is Gunze Super Italian Red. Although I like it and it is very colorful, in the back of my mind someone keeps repeating “lipstick on a pig, lipstick on a pig….The decals were drawn in CorelDraw X6 and printed on an ALPS MD-1000.

The last photo shows how surprisingly large this airplane is relative to a B-17E/Fortress II.