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Readers’ Gallery: Hub Plott’s IPMS Norway 1/48 Northrop N3PB Nomad

Well here’s one I’ve never heard of! Hub Plott (thunderbolt47d) shared this awesome looking vacform kit on the Agape Models forums. It’s really awesome- great work Hub!

This is the IPMS Norway kit with The Aviators upgrades obtained from David Cooper. I added bits to the cockpit and weapons from the spares box, with new decals from Slawomir Przymusiak and John Currie. The beaching gear is for the Vought Kingfisher, from SAC. While I have a lot of experience building resin kits and limited run kits, vacs are another matter entirely. The IPMS Norway kit is a difficult build, and I know where every flaw in this build is. But given its difficulty, I am happy with the results. If you want an N3PB in 1/48 this is your only option, and it is not for the faint of heart!

(Read more on this unusual aircraft at Wikipedia.)