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Readers’ Gallery: Steve Cook’s 1/32 Williams Brothers’ Gee Bee Z Racer


Steve Cook shared this awesome looking racer on the Agape forums. Great work Steve!

A huge thanks to Daniel J Brett, President Williams Brothers Model Products for sending me out a very nice set of replacement decals. God bless him! The decals went down excellently. I added some scotch tape to the canopy to make it look like there were sections of glass riveted and painted small dots with silver to get the rivets. I’m very happy with the results.


1 thought on “Readers’ Gallery: Steve Cook’s 1/32 Williams Brothers’ Gee Bee Z Racer”

  1. Excellent job!
    I am just finishing up my build of this kit, and have ignored the standard racing paint scheme of bright colors and scalloping on the wings. I decided to go weird and make it military looking. I did a camouflage paint job with US Army decals left over from the Revell Stearman PT 17 kit I had. Getting the cabling done has proved a challenge, and I think I will just leave them off. I am even thinking of adding a couple of bombs under the wings. It’ll be a strange craft when done.

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