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Readers’ Gallery: Gil Hodges’ 1/48 ID Vacform B-47E Stratojet


Gil Hodges shred this stunning vacform 1/48 scale Stratojet. What’s astounding is that aside from the airframe, wheels and canopy, everything is else is either scratch built or spare parts. You can see from a sampling of the construction pics Gil shared just how much work went into this model. Outstanding work Gil!

1 thought on “Readers’ Gallery: Gil Hodges’ 1/48 ID Vacform B-47E Stratojet”

  1. Incredible work, Gil! Back to the days when the 9th Bomb Wing flew those out of Mountain Home AFB, and Dad’s 9th ARefS was flying KC-97E (the younger guys) and KC-97G (the senior guys grabbed the newer models). It’s still the high desert out there…
    I’m still awed at the guts those guys had, and especially the Ravens sitting in the dark bowels of a RB-47 snooping on the USSR… Beautiful!

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