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Readers’ Gallery: Ken Judt’s 1/72 Academy/Minicraft P-51D “Old Crow”


Agape forum member Ken Judt (icekj) shared his finished P-51 Mustang in the markings of Bud Anderson’s “Old Crow”. Great work Ken!

This is the 1/72 Academy/Minicraft P-51D done up in the colors and markings of 357th Fighter Group, 363rd Fighter Squadron, 8th Air Force, Major. Clarence E. “Bud” Anderson’s “Old Crow”, Fall 1944.

This aircraft and his P-51B both had “whitewalls” installed with the application of some white barn paint. When his P-51B was retired they moved the whitewalls to his P-51D.

This was another straightforward build. The only change I made from the Frenesi build (A previous build Ken completed. ~Ed.) was to use the Scale Aircraft Conversions white metal landing gear. I think they really took care of the toy like shape of the kit landing gear.

The major operations during the build were:

  • Removing the 7th exhaust stack on each side of the nose
  • Using Scale Aircraft Conversions white metal replacement landing gear.
  • Adding tape seat belts (I then use a few dots of silver paint to be the buckles)
  • Painting the theater bands and invasion stripes
  • Painting the red and yellow bands on the spinner

1 thought on “Readers’ Gallery: Ken Judt’s 1/72 Academy/Minicraft P-51D “Old Crow””

  1. Sweet! I’ve been learning composite fabrication with the builder of a graphite P-51 Mustang (Lycoming T-53 power, see for details, dewings, et cetera) as the U-25 Miss Spokane Flight Team builds masters and molds for a composite Unlimited hydroplane. Do you know what crew chiefs and other Mustang maintainers used most of during WWII? I would not have guessed, but it makes sense that the laminar flow wing and other surfaces used thousands of gallons of Bondo to smooth them.
    I also learned that R.A. “Bob” Hoover once raced a hydroplane on Lake Tahoe. His winner’s trophy was in his California office… Only once; water is a much harder surface than air…

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