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Readers’ Gallery: Michael G’s Junkers Ju88 A-13 Special Build


This model is a real treat to see! Michael did some amazing work on this cutaway Ju-88. Awesome stuff Michael!

This 1/48 project has been one undertaken in parts, depicting cutaway versions of wing and fuselage areas. The aircraft is presented in an inverted fashion, all detail fashioned and viewed from the aircraft underside. The inspiration is in part the Luftwaffe aircraft itself; the WB80 gun pod and its construction; and the cutaway vantage point from beneath. At the outset, I designed to depict an open wing/nacelle/landing gear structure for the port wing, and a whole wing (with retracted landing gear) depiction for the starboard wing. The fuselage would be openly viewed from tip to tail showing cockpit (without floor deck,) fuel tank bay, bomb compartment, aft-ward mechanical gear and tailwheel assembly (partially retracted.)

The  wing and stab parts are from a Ju88 Koster Vacu-form kit, the fuselage and canopy from an AMT Ju88A kit, a few detail pieces from a Dragon Ju88A-4 kit, and aftermarket sets of Aires resin Ju88 engine/wheelbay details, and Verlinden resin Ju88A cockpit details. The remaining components (including the gun pods) are all scratch-built. This project has been a good test of skill development, personal patience, and diligence – all qualities which I fully attribute to the One who has supplied them in love, Jesus Christ. His Word states this fine encouragement…The end of a matter is better than its beginning, and patience is better than pride. Ecclesiastes 7:8   Amen!