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Readers’ Gallery: Honza Knetl’s 1/72, RS Models Henschel Hs-132A


Agape forum member Honza Knetl shared this great looking German jet from RS Models. Great work as always, Honza!

Only one prototype was build, and as far as I know, never flew. But it existed. It was supposed to be a dive bomber, with pilot laying in the canopy with head forward. This position should have allowed him to survive conscious 9g, the construction of the plane should have withstanded even 11g (some sources say even 12g). When the first prototype was almost ready for the tests, Soviet army came and occupied the factory.

RS Models produce two different boxes with together 10 schemes. One is a real scheme, the rest are what-if. One box is with BMW-003 engine (this one), other box is with Jumo 004 engine which was never used.

I wanted to make the real German plane, but as two friends of mine were quicker and I need to build it for RS Models (and they don’t need more models with the same camouflage), I had to choose some what-if scheme. I chose the Soviet one.

This kit was extremely easy to build, I didn’t have any big problems.