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Readers’ Gallery: Vin’s Hasegawa A6M5c (Type 62) Zero


Agape forum member Vin (iwragg) posted this wonderful “what if” build of a zero to the forums. Great work Vin!

This is basically a “what if”, that at least was produced into two squadrons, and if the Allies invaded the Japanese home islands, they would most likely encountered this in a fighter bomber/ground support role. Sort of reminds me of the CAC Boomerang and F4U Corsair, may be they learned something from their defeats. The base kit is the Hasegawa Type 62 Zero, with brass guns and a late war harness added. For the first time I masked and airbrushed markings on, rather than use decals. John at Showcase Models suggested a lacquer aluminum paint by Gunze. He strongly suggested using this with Gunze Lacquer thinner. This was first drying, and I was able to apply acrylic paints over this, then chip the paints to reveal the natural metal. Japanese in 1943 did not prime their aircraft, hence deterioration and chipping are required for a late war look. Gunse paint was used, colors were aluminum, semi gloss black, IJN Green, IJN Gray and Mitsubishi interior green.