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Readers’ Gallery: Aaron Long’s 1/48 Tamiya P-51D


Agape forum member Aaron Long (RonnieRex) shares this great story behind the build of his gorgeous 357th Fighter Group P-51D. Great work Aaron!

Recently, I was blessed to sell a model on Ebay.  I was running out of shelf space and I also wanted to put some money back INTO the hobby budget.  The kit I sold was was a 357th Fighter Group P-51B. I was humbled that someone would want to buy “Pappy’s Answer,” but I was able to be blessed more than with dollars.

During the bidding process, an Ebay buyer contacted me and told me that Pappy’s Answer was flown by his father, 1st Lt. Henry Pfeiffer, with the 357th FG and he wanted me to pass on some information about the plane to the buyer of my auction.  I was excited to hear from him and wanted more information for myself too. We began talking about the possibility of building another Pappy’s Answer and his dad’s later P-51D “Tangerine.”  357th Mustangs are my favorite P-51 group and building more of them is awesome.  Since I had decals and kits ready, we went with “Tangerine.”  I didn’t have any experience doing commission builds, but Mr. Pfeiffer was generous and bought me the Eduard Spitfire kit.  The real value though was getting to hear about his dad, 1st Lt. Henry Pfeiffer, and info from the 357th.

Big Thanks to Jason Brewer from Brewer Models on Facebook for the amazing pictures.  Look him up on Facebook and check out his amazing Fw-190D and Spitfire.  I’ve lost to both of those planes at shows and I’m ok with that!

“Tangerine” was finished with Tamiya colors.