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Readers’ Gallery: Gil Hodge’s Revell 1/48 PT-17 Stearman


Gil Hodges’ shared photos of his recently completed Revell Stearman. This is a newly tooled kit, and it looks excellent. Great work Gil!

Bought the new Revell 1/48 PT-17 Stearman last Saturday and decided to hop on it and get it built by my club meeting yesterday. Finished it Friday night, and even took Tuesday off!

Building the one color Navy scheme helped of course! It was built OOTB except for the addition of seat belts and harnesses. The yellow is MM Chrome yellow over Tamiya white primer, the prop is Alclad Chrome over some MM gloss black enamel, and the kit decals were used, except for the civil “N” number. Rigging was done with 6mil ceramic Wonder Wire.

This model lends itself to a quick build due to its simplified (but seemingly complete) interior, its great fit, superior engineering with both the cabanes and landing gear struts molded as part of each fuselage half, and the engine being a separate sub-assembly that can be added at the end. Even repositioning the tail planes and rudder was a breeze. All it needed was some deep scribing in the hinge lines and then they could be simply bent to their new positions!

One thing not mentioned in most reviews is that there are “accessories” for the firewall and the rear of the engine that can be left out (as I did) unless you plan to leave off one of the forward side panels. Even the tubular engine mount is not needed, as the back plate on the engine rear will suffice to attach it all to the forward fuselage!

This is a great new kit and it costs much less than $20! Get a couple and toss your old Lindberg Stearmans!