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Steve Cook’s 1/48 A6M3 Hamp


Steve Cook shared these photos of his great looking Hamp. He also detailed his method for paint chipping. Great work, Steve!

For the chopping effect, I sprayed down floquil old silver in areas I wanted to show chipping. The next step was to apply hairspray, I decanted the hairspray into my airbrush, it cleans up with lacquer thinner. Don’t thin the hairspray with anything, I don’t know what will happen. Then I sprayed Tamiya XF-76 over the hairspray, and let it dry. Next, work a small stiff paint brush with a little water on it over the area where you applied your hairspray. You will see very small amounts of paint starting to come off. You can remove a small area or a large area, it will depend on your preference.