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Readers’ Gallery: Ron Riddle’s Polar Lights Deluxe Edition 1/25 ’66 Batmobile


I know there have been a lot of cool Batman movies lately. And they’ve had all sorts of cool hardware, including various takes on the Batmobile. But when I think of the Batmobile, I’ll always picture this car, from the 1960’s TV series & movies. THIS is the Batmobile- great work Ron!

This is the Polar Lights Deluxe Edition 1/25 scale ’66 Batmobile. I used the turbine engine in it and the photo-etch parts in the interior and the grill covers in the front and back.

2 thoughts on “Readers’ Gallery: Ron Riddle’s Polar Lights Deluxe Edition 1/25 ’66 Batmobile”

  1. Yes! We used to run home from school to watch the TV series, with the flip-up entrance to the Bat Cave. We were quite taken with Alfred’s role as butler, mechanic, IT guy (before IT guys)and a great representative for Bruce Wayne. Who can forget the graphics shown during the battles; comic book “BAM!” and “POW!” slides. Old, wise, and definitely “under the radar” was Alfred…

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