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Readers’ Gallery: John Gloz’s Airfix 1/72 DeHavilland Vampire T.11


Agape forum member John Gloz (DHKollektr) shared his finished work on this great looking DH Vampire. Awesome work John!

After starting this little one almost immediately after I received it from Airfix back in  February (I think), I’m finally calling it done.  I’ve finished it as an RAAF T.35, which was identical to the T.11 except for one thing – they were built by DH Australia at Bankstown, rather than in good old Blighty.  I had to wait a few weeks for my mate Phil to print the Keep Off stencils (I also did the artwork for the Telstars flashes) after everything else was done, but it was worth the wait (I reckon I’ve passed the apprentice’s test of going to the tool store for a long weight).  Overall this kit is quite a gem, reflecting the new Airfix policy of providing very good quality kits at a very affordable price – well done to them.  There are a few minor fit issues that shouldn’t cause any problems, providing you don’t rush too much, and make sure you dry fit and sand/file parts before committing to glue.  If any other DH enthusiast is intending to build one, give me a hoy and I’ll gladly let you know what to watch out for.  Anyhow, enough of the verbosity, let’s get some pics.