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Feeling free? Thank a veteran


The greatest bunch of guys it was ever my pleasure to know, A CO. 9th PSYOP BN. (ABN), Empire Range, Panama, December 1994. God bless y’all, and thanks.

Freedom is a funny thing. Sometimes you don’t really notice it until it’s absent. When it’s there, people tend to pay it no attention, and take it for granted. They treat it like it’s not of great value, just a word.

Yet it is of great value. Every day people put their lives on the line for. Some give their lives up for it. And all too often few notice or care.

So today, stop and think about the freedom you enjoy. It came at a price.

And the bill was paid by a veteran. God bless our veterans.

More importantly, the price for our eternal freedom has been paid, too. By Jesus Christ, on the Cross at Calvary. Thank the Lord today for His mercy!