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Readers’ Gallery: Drew Tarter’s 1/48 Hasegawa F4U-4


Agape forum member Drew Tarter (Navairfan) shared his work on this wonderful looking Korean War Corsair. Great stuff Drew!

Here’a another one of my older builds, Hasegawa’s 1/48 F4U-4 Corsair. Released in 1981 (over 32 years ago!) the Hasegawa -4 features good fit, excellent overall shape and outline, raised panel lines for those who care (I do not), and very basic cockpit detail. The main gear doors have fine detail, but the gear wells are featureless and too shallow, but I left them as is. I did make the following improvement to address some of the kits’ other shortcomings:

I replaced the canopy with a vac-formed one from Falcon, and dressed up the cockpit with an Eduard photo-etched instrument panel and cockpit detail set. I cut away the wingtip lights and made new ones fro Micro Crystal-Clear, and used my wife’s hair to make a scale antenna wire. The kit comes with no under-wing pylons or ordnance, just a pair of drop tanks. I scratch-built the pylons and raided my spares box to come up with four HVAR’s, a 1,000-pound general purpose and two small anti-personnel bombs to hang under the wings. The load-out of five-inch rockets and bombs is typical for a ground attack mission during the Korean War. The biggest change I made was to cut out and drop the flaps.

I used kit decals to depict an F4U-4 from VF-192 ‘Ghostriders’, deployed aboard USS Princeton on a 1951 Korean War cruise.

3 thoughts on “Readers’ Gallery: Drew Tarter’s 1/48 Hasegawa F4U-4”

  1. Hi Drew: That’s a lovely bent wing bird you’ve got there on the front page. I’m guessing another Drew will be by in the not too distant.

  2. I was there on the USS Princeton Korean war and was flight deck AB , The air Group was CAG 19 First two tours and 3rd tour was CAG 15, with letter H on tail.
    The Corsair not only carried Bombs and rockets but Napalm as well,

    USS Princeton is one of four Carriers that did all three tours in war. and dropped the last bombs’ on the last day of conflict.

    The first tour was mostly close air support for Marines and Army troops and then after that tour it was strategic Bombing and strafing missions,

  3. Nice job, I served on USS Princeton all of Korean war, and Was flight deck A B and help launch these Birds ever day and night.

    The were with CAG 19 first two tours and third tour with CAG 15, The Princeton is one of four carriers that served all three tours of war.
    Cag 19 first tour also had the original Blue Angels assigned to VF191 .
    Princeton and Cag 15 dropped last bombs on last day of conflict1953.

    I served 5 years on Princeton and 30 years Navy retired.

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