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Readers’ Gallery: John Faull’s 1/48 Tamiya Do-335 “Unlimited Class Air Racer”


Agape forum reader John Faull shared this awesome looking “what if” build of the Do-335. What a unique concept John- great work!

As I have stated in several forum posts before, I put the blame for this on forum member Paul Wilsford (FMTango). If it were not for his inspiration, hint dropping, subliminal messaging or whatever you want to call it, this aircraft would not have been procured, mutilated and reengineered into what is is today. 😀  Thanks Paul, thanks a lot! This is the “Mercedes Benz Warsteiner Do335 Silberpfeil”. I made about 18 or so modifications to this AC- try and guess what they are.

Here are a few.

  • Contra rotating front prop
  • New supercharger intakes
  • ADI (anti detonation injection) cooling system
  • Glass instrument panel
  • Got rid of the early ejection seat and the canopy framing
  • Six bladed prop with a negative pressure reduction rear hub
  • Chopped some wings here and added height to the tail there

It was a fun and challenging build. I tried some thing that I have never done before such as sanding a canopy frame and using milliput to build with. Thanks Paul for putting the bug in my ear!