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Decals: Starfighter Decals USN at Guadalcanal, F11C-2/BFC-2 Comprehensive Markings, and USN Yorktown Class CV with Aircraft Markings 1942


Mark Tutton at Starfighter Decals has sent some of his newest sets for me to review, and they look great as usual.

Following on his Pearl Harbor, Coral Sea and Midway sets, Mark’s latest set in that series is “USN at Guadalcanal” (Item# 72-139, $10.00). This is a great set which provides markings for for 4 different aircraft (F4F-4 Wildcats, SBD-3 Dauntless, TBF-1 Avengers, and PBY-5A Catalinas) and offer 14 total options. This is a true bargain set. You’ll be able to build aircraft from VF-5, VF-6, VF-10, VF-11, VF-72, VB-6, VB-11, Saratoga CAG, VS-71, VT-8, VT-10, and  the HQ South Pacific Force.

Many know Starfighter best for the decals for Monogram’s classic 1/72 scale biplanes, and Mark hasn’t left you out. His “F11C-2/BFC-2 Comprehensive Markings” (Item# 72-140, $12.00) provides markings for… well, just about any F11C-2/BFC-2 you can think of! Set consists of Bu.No. in black and white; Fighter and Bomber Designators in Black and White; Markings for VF-1B/VB-2B/VB-3 and VB-6; “C” Communication Awards; Gunnery Pennants; Both style of Wing Top Chevrons with separate Black and White borders; Fuselage Section Leader Bands with separate Black and White borders; Two styles of “U.S. NAVY”; Fuselage and Wing Top Codes; National Insignia for 6 aircraft.

If you’re wondering “how do I get a BFC-2?”, I’m glad you asked! Just grab Starfighter’s conversion set for the F11C-2, and you are ready to go. And if you don’t have an F11C-2 in your stash, no problems. Mark has provided a complete kit to build your BFC-2, which includes not only the resin but the plastic kit too!

Finally, for you shipbuilders, there is the “USN Yorktown Class CV with Aircraft Markings 1942” (Item# 700-102, $10.00) set of decals. This set provides markings for the Yorktown Class CVs from 1942 to include Yorktown, Enterprise, and Hornet. Markings for the ships include the Stern Nameplate, Hull Numbers used on the Yorktown, and Deck Markings.

Markings for the Aircraft include National Insignia and side numbers for a complete Air Group from June until November 1942. This includes F4F-4, SBD-3, TBD-1, and TBF-1 aircraft. Markings are grouped by Carrier and battle to include:

  • Air Group Six at Midway and Eastern Solomans
  • Air Group Five at Midway
  • Air Group Ten at Santa Cruz

All of these decals are printed by Cartograph, so they are of the very highest quality. Each comes with a complete set of painting and marking guides, and contain various notes and details to help you in getting your model to look just right.

Be sure and check out all of the great decals, resin and more available at Starfighter Decals‘ website. A very special thanks to Mark Tutton for providing these decals for review.