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Readers’ Gallery: Honza Knetl’s 1/72 RS Models’ Doflug D-3802

Honza has shared another stunning model build with us. This is one I’d never heard of. The Doflug D-3802 was a license-built MS 406 produced in Switzerland, with some changes and improvements. Something I found interesting was how much the wing looks like a P-51 wing. Honza did a wonderful job on this one- thanks for sharing with us!

There were no big problems, although there are some places that require attention:

  • The cannons are too fragile (yes, I destroyed them)
  • Antenna mast and pitot tube also
  • You must glue the wingtips separately – they are different for the prototype and for other machines

These are just minor problems. Panel lines are deep and not wide, just as I like them. Very nice kit of an interesting plane (with interesting camouflage).