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Readers’ Gallery: Gil Hodges’ 1/48 Collectaire FJ-3 Fury


Agape forums member Gil Hodges shared this great looking resin Fury. His results were outstanding, despite a few challenges.

First of the year! CollectAire resin kit, OOTB. The kit decals, and their MicroScale backups (VF-173 Rams) were an EPIC FAIL (shattered); so I painted the checks and the blue flash on the fuselage. The rest of the markings are all from the spares box; a combo of regular decals and dry transfers. Ended up being a different scheme than I started out  with, but I like it better I think.

1 thought on “Readers’ Gallery: Gil Hodges’ 1/48 Collectaire FJ-3 Fury”

  1. Gil Hodges is to be really congratulated on the quality of his build. The collectaire kit is not an easy build. I bought the Fury kit several years ago, and was very disappointed with it as there were several damaged parts including the tip of the rudder, which also seems to be damaged on Mr Hodges example. I know, limited run, resin but very expensive. On the other hand fine detail, and decent shape. Also the only game in town for the most elegant transonic fighter ever made.

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