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Readers’ Gallery: Paul Wilsford’s 1/48 Revell PV-1 Ventura


Agape Models forum member Paul Wilsford (FMTango) posted these photos of his finished Ventura. Great work on a really cool kit, Paul!

Well here she is, the last of my shelf queens that I know of anyway. I know I have just a bunch of little things to do but I figure thats to be taken care of later.

2 thoughts on “Readers’ Gallery: Paul Wilsford’s 1/48 Revell PV-1 Ventura”

  1. Scott A. Des Planques

    Congratulations on the great build. I have been wishing for a mainstream PV-1 Ventura in 1/48 scale for years. Previously the only Ventura kit was that multi-media (Manufacture’s name?) and I shy away from resin. The Ventura didn’t share the historic glory that some of the other Navy/Marine planes, but served an important niche in the scout-attack roll. I hope to get one of these kits in the future and your review will be helpful. Thanks for putting this review out there.
    God Bless

    Scott A. Des Planques, Historic Preservation Planner
    St. Joseph, Missouri

  2. By complete accident I saw that Revelle recently released the PV-1.

    I am age 63 years of age and have not modeled in years. However, this madel has particular personal significance for me. My father was a Navy pilot in WW II. He was flying PV-1 anit-sub in September 1942 in the Atlantic. In late 1943 he was transfered to the Pacific. His last assignment was with VPB-133, assigned to Iwo Jima in March 1945.

    He passed away several years ago. It will be great to model his personal PV-1 and then give it to his grandson. This is for you dad, Noah T. Walker, Lt. (jg) VPB-133.

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