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Readers Gallery: John Gloz’s Tamiya 1/72 Mosquito PR Mk. IV

Agape forum member John Gloz (DHKollektr) shared his work on this sleek Tamiya Mosquito. Great stuff, John!

Here’s my latest completed model, the Tamiya Mosquito PR Mk IV in 1/72 scale.  I finished it 2 weeks ago at about 2 am Sunday morning for the Waverley Inter-club competition – for some obscure reason I procrastinated just a bit too much in the first few weeks I was building, I had intended initially to finish it as the B Mk IV but with less than a week to go and not even the primer on, I decided that discretion was the better part of valour and finished it as the PR version.

I made a bit of a hash of un-masking the transparencies, but that doesn’t show in these photos.  I also realised on the comp day that the PR version doesn’t have exhaust shrouds, but too late then to do anything about it.  Of the 6 Mosquitos, I was the only builder to get the landing gear doors sitting correctly, if you glue them on the way the mounting holes are moulded they stick out at about 45 degrees.

The Waverley Inter-club has a set theme every year, with all participating clubs receiving identical kits to build, and with a ‘free’ category, plus a ‘build a kit on the day’ category, no one knows what that one is until the day (except the person who bought them of course – and he’s not supposed to let even the members of his club know).  It’s quite a fun day actually.