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Sneak Peek! Badger’s Upcoming Sharpshooter Airbrushes

Ken  Schlotfeldt, president of Badger Air-Brush Company, sent me this information on their upcoming line of “pistol-grip” airbrushes. The photos he sent are all in the prototype/concept stage, so things may change somewhat before they’re in production. But it certainly gives a good sense of what we’ll be seeing soon from Badger! 

If you missed it, Ken did an interview for Agape Models a few years ago.

And finally, Ken has graciously set up a discount code at especially for the readers of Agape Models.  If you’re in the market for an airbrush, just enter PROVERBS16 on the payment screen in the coupon code area, click Apply Coupon, and you’ll get up to 40% discounted off the price of the airbrush!

Ken, thanks so much for your support of! 

The Badger MARKSMAN Model 200PG

Planned production and availability – 4th quarter 2012

Single Action / Internal Mix / Bottom Feed
Standard Nozzle: .5mm
Spray Pattern Range: Pencil line to 2.5”
Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price Goal: $125.00 – $150.00

The single action-internal mix Marksman 200PG pistol grip airbrush is the perfect airbrush for fixed fine detail spray needs or wide open base/clear coat applications. The Marksman 200PG is an ideal airbrush for fine prototypical finish applications or subtle detailing applications. It’s a quick and simple, set and spray, airbrush that’s proficient in all finishing applications. From custom automotive graphic backdrops to precise recurring detail line work in fine scale finishing applications, from soft color gradations in bakery applications to fine realistic patterns in taxidermy and wood carving art, from fine art canvas prep to mural backgrounds – the Marksman is the most proficient airbrush for the job. With the quick turn of a dial and an even quicker pull of the trigger the 200PG has utility in all finishing applications.

The Badger EXPERT Model 1055PG

Planned production and availability – 2nd quarter 2013

Double Action / Internal Mix / Gravity Feed
Standard Nozzle: .5mm Optional Nozzle: .3mm
Spray Pattern Range: Technical Pencil line to 2.5”
Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price Goal: $175.00 – $225.00