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Product Review: Starfighter Decals, Pt. II- Resin upgrade sets

Monday we had a look at some gorgeous decal sets from Starfighter Decals. Today, we’ll continue with our review of Starfighter Decals products, looking at some resin upgrade sets. (And don’t miss out on part III, with photoetch and more decals.)

Though Mark Tutton produces many different decal, resin, and photoetch products, what Starfighter Decals is best known for are there sets for classic Monogram and Revell 1/72nd kits. Here are some of those resin sets.

All of the sets are very nicely cast, with just a bit of cleanup needed here and there. Each comes with instructions and modeling notes (where applicable) to make sure you get the most out of the parts.

Starfighter Decals P-26 resin engine upgrade is designed for the Revell 1/72nd kit. The upgrade consists of a replacement cowl engine, and prop. Clear instructions show you how to upgrade your Revell model with this great looking replacement engine. (Mark also has a cockpit upgrade set, as well as a set that combines both products & adds in some additional corrections.)

For those who would like to do some conversions on their Monogram F4B-4 kit, Starfighter provides a resin upgrade set to allow conversion to either an F4B-3, or the Army’s P-12E. The set consits of two replacement roll over humpos, as well as a replacement vertical tailplane. The directions provide discussion for the various differences, and give some helpful suggestions for the actual cutting and placement. Starfighter also makes a replacement wing for the P-12E, and a decal set to complete your conversion.

The last set for review today is an upgrade set for Monogram’s classic P-36 Hawk set. The beautifully cast set consists of everything you’ll need to fill the void in the cockpit and wheel wells: floor, instrument panel and backing, seat, sidewalls, control column and wheel well inserts. Instructions detail the assembly and modifications needed to make use of the set. It will really bring your Monogram P-36 to life. Starfighter also provides two decal sets for the P-36, so you’ll have plenty of options. Which may come in very handy depending on the age of your kit’s decals!

Give Mark a visit at Starfighter Decals today, and see all of the great products he has for upgrading, detailing and finishing your models.

Friday, we’ll take a look at some additional decal sets, as well as some photoetch from Starfighter Decals.

Once again, thank you Mark for these review samples!