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Readers’ Gallery: Drew Hatch’s 1/48 Hobby Boss Mig 17F “Fresco C”

Agape forum member Drew Hatch (DrewH) shared this great looking build he titled “Phantom Phodder”. It looks great Drew! Now you just need to follow up with a Phantom! 🙂

Well – I gave up on the Alclad Airframe Aluminum. After another attempt to ‘fix’ the varied tone, the finish came off with an oil wash. This was getting old fast!.

I went to the old stand by – Alclad Duraluminum. It has the finish look I like.  All 8 decals were a cinch! Gotta luv that. For fears (even though I have used oil washes over this before with great success – the chicken came out in me) of a repeat mistaken strip job, I used a sluge wash of india ink.

Not much to this build but I’m glad to finally have it off the bench and on the shelf. No winner, seam issues here and there and a few ‘lazy’ resribes that are pretty noticeable.