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Readers’ Gallery: Hutch’s 1/48 Trumpeter F-100D

Forum member Dale “Hutch” Hutchinson recently completed a dual-build of Trumpter’s 1/48 F-100D and F-100F. Today we get to enjoy the D model. Great work on this Hutch!

Check back Friday for the F model!

I’ve completed my dual F-100 build…the first offering for your viewing pleasure is my F-100D.  It is the 1:48 Trumpeter offering and I found it quite a pleasure to build.  It has Eduard PE in the cockpit and a Legend Seat.  I am not a rivet counter, so I ignored the nit accuracy issues…looks good to me.  Only glaring miss by Trumpeter was providing the wrong afterburner nozzle.  Other than that, this is an outstanding kit.

The representation are from AeroMaster of the 20 TFW 55 TFS in RAF Wethersfield, UK, 1958.  The decals were perfect.  They were nice and thin and melted into the surface with some Solvaset…very nice.

This build was made specifically for a friend that requested a D with a Bullpup and some AIM-9s.  I pulled the Bullpup out of leftovers from a previous Revell build…

The NMF was Alclad…I really like this stuff.  But the accents are really brought out by Tamiya Smoke.