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Readers’ Gallery: Don McIntyre’s 1991 Daytona 500 Military Salute

Agape forum member Don McIntyre (DDonSS3) posted several sets of photos of Daytona 500 cars from 1991, when several cars were given special paint schemes as a salute to the military. Great stuff, Don!

The numbere 24 Air Force car wasn’t driven by who you might expect. It was driven by Mickey Gibbs in the 1991 Daytona 500, marked in dedication to the Airmen serving in Desert Storm.

The number 71 Coast Guard was driven by Dave Marcis (he of the wingtip driving shoes)… I’m pretty sure this is the Monogram kit. Dave and Dale Earnhardt were close friends. More than once Richard Childress (Dale’s car owner) would lend engines to Dave when needed. Dave would also act as test driver for Childress and  more than once he qualified cars for them as well.

The number 7 Army car is built from AMT and the decals for this one are from an aftermarket set by JnJ decals, if I recall correctly. The camouflage “spots” were part of the decal sheet.