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Readers’ Gallery: Ken Judt’s 1/72 Revell of Germany F-16C

Ken Judt is getting his modeling mojo back, and showed us the results with this fine looking F-16. Looks great, Ken!

Well, she is done!

Washes on, semi-gloss clear shot on everything, landing gear mounted, canopy unmasked, payload mounted, running lights painted, and the last few touch-ups done.

I give you a 1/72 Revell of Germany F-16C.  Markings are for 52nd TFW block 30 from Operation Desert Storm.  The F-16C’s did not have the SEAD pod yet so they fired their HARMs at a pre-planned position and heading and then flew escort for the F-4Gs.  The 52nd TFW durring Desert Storm consisted of both F-16s and F-4Gs.

Not too bad for almost two years work.

I really liked the detail level on the Revell of Germany 1/72 F-16 kit.  Only complaint was the join on the two upper halves of the fuselage.  When I do another of these kits I will take more time making sure that join is done better.  I will also wait until later in the build to mount the rear wings and tail.

This is built out of box with only Humbrol and custom decals added to the kit.  I really liked the fact that I did the payload before the rest of the kit.  Made finishing up a one day process instead of a week process.