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Readers’ Gallery: Mike Reader’s 1/72 Matchbox Supermarine Stranraer

Agape forum member Mike Reader posted these pics of a must unusual aircraft. It looks really awesome Mike- thanks for sharing!

This is the Supermarine Stranraer,  from the same people who bought us the Spitfire. In fact it was designed by the Spitfire designer, R. J. Mitchell. This is the old Matchbox kit,  painted in a Nova Scotia Squadron colours of all white, after I saw a painting of it on the Web which I thought was unusual. I added a wooden display base, and the rigging was just good old fishing line.

2 thoughts on “Readers’ Gallery: Mike Reader’s 1/72 Matchbox Supermarine Stranraer”

  1. Looks great, I’m building one as FY-B #915 of 4(BR) sqdn RCAF as my wife’s father flew as W/op in that one – Coal Harbour and Ucluelet, Vcvr Island.

    So mine will be silver overall.

    I made an error in assembly which I notice on yours too. The door is upside down! My son suggest I put a very small decal “this way up” on it!! The door did fit better this way but when I realised, way too late to take it out and redo, I said a bad word.



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