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Readers’ Gallery: Ross McArthur’s 1/48 AMT P-40M

Forum member Ross McArthur shared this great looking P-40M with us. You can’t go wrong building a P-40! Looks great Ross!

Had rather a bit more fun on this than the P-40K. Maintaining momentum is most of the battle. Enjoyed my first foray into using oils and acrylic artist’s paint for ‘filters’. Next time, though, I’ll fire up the Japan dryer for the oils. They stay a little sticky too long. Not good when I’m on a roll, having to ‘hurry up and wait’.

The 0.2mm AB is a revelation for better shading/fading effects. Dunno why I didn’t get it years ago. Oh, I know why. I’m impatient. 🙂 Using milky-thin paint and going slow was about up there with pulling teeth.