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Readers’ Gallery: Mike Reader’s 1/72 Novo General Aircraft Hotspur Mk. III

Agape forum member Mike Reader shared this neat build of an aircraft I’d never seen before. Thanks for posting Mike- it looks great!

My utmost apologies for yet another post in as many days, from an endless supply of weired and wonderful little known aircraft- and this one is no exception. So for your delectation and delight I offer forth the General Aircraft Hotspur Mk. III.

I guess it was a Frog kit at one time , but now an old Novo offering. The kit was fairly basic , and to be honest it stayed that way up till completion.

Oh, I added the obligatory masking etched seat belts and pitot , but the biggest change was in fact the conversion of the Mk. II to the Mk. III, which took all of 15 minutes, and most likely less than 25 cents, by just adding a radio mast, some rigging, and some tailplane support struts. Yes, that is the kind of conversion I like ( apart from coming to know Jesus that is )- quick and easy. And I can tell you are all going to be impressed. ( Well, maybe not is my guess.)

I decided not to weather it, as it never actually saw combat, and was used in training squadrons only. So my guess is that apart from a little rough treatment now and again on landings, it would have been well looked after by the “erks” .

The kit was painted by hand with just an overcoat of Testors Dulcote. Decals were replaced with what ever I had in my spares box, the only decal I used from the kit was the large “J” and the a/c number at the rear. The small windows were Kristal Klear.