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Readers’ Gallery: Daniel Iscold’s Spitfires, Pt. II: Tamiya 1/48 Spitfire Mk. I (built as a Mk. Va)

The second installment of Daniel Iscold’s Spitfires is this Mk. Va in the markings of Douglas Bader’s aircraft. Great work Daniel!

I always love the history behind models. This one is the Tamiya Spitfire MkI converted to a Mk Va. This is an unusual version of the Sptifire.

This one depicts the airplane flown by the famous legless Royal Air Force pilot Douglas Bader. This is the last air plane that he flew before he suffered a midair collision with a Me-109. During the bail out he lost his two artificial legs. After being captured by German forces, he received a visitation of Adolf Galland. Galland arranged an armistice of 24 hours between to allow a Westland Lysander to fly behind the enemy lines to drop new legs to Bader. After this he was transferred to Colditz prison, where he tried to escape a few times! After the war Douglas Bader and Adolph Gallanda became close friends.

This model was built using  Life like decals,  and painted using acrylic paints from Tamiya. The roundels where painted on instead of using decals. The flat varnish is a Brazilian national brand so called “Gato Preto”- black cat, a product originally developed for art paint, but it works very well to flatten the gloss finish of Future.