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Readers’ Gallery: Honza Knetl’s RS Models 1/72 De Schelde S-21

Agape Forum member Honza Knetl has been sharing his build of this very unusual De Schelde S-21. You can see the sprues and other information on this kit at RS Model’s website. Thanks for sharing this great and unusual looking aircraft, Honza. As always, you did a superb job on it!

Dear friends, this model is finished, after a long time. I started it in December 2009. During the process the canopy was damaged in front (that caused the longest waiting time in this model) and I “managed” to lose  the IP (but making new was relatively quick).

If some of you will want to make S-21, then be careful about following:

  • The canopy has a very difficult shape for casting (so the sides are thicker) and you have to drill 5 holes in it. That brings a lot of internal tension in the material and may cause cracks in the canopy.
  • If you will make and of the Dutch machines, be careful about the tail insignia – they don’t fit the tail surfaces perfectly
  • I painted the area under the insignia white, to make sure that the camouflage colors won’t be visible through.
  • Except of the tail ones, the decals are very nice
  • Be very careful to add a lot of weight. I added 10g (0.34 oz), and it stands as it should, but it isn’t very surefooted.

Just enjoy the kit, except for the things in the list above, it’s a very nice kit.