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Readers’ Gallery: George Collazo’s 1/48 Trumpeter MiG-15 bis Fago-B

Forum member George Collazo shared these photos of his very colorful MiG-15 build. Great work George!

Hello folks! I wanted to share my most recent finished project, careful, the pictures are still warm.

This is the Mig 15 bis Fagot-B in 1/48 from Trumpeter. It was built out-of-the-box. Originally I intended to weather it but a paint mishap made me go a bit extreme. This paint scheme is fictitious. I got the idea from a Ducted Fan R/C Mig. Besides Korean Camo and NMF, there is not much to do so I opted for this to break the monotony. There is no engine in it. The nozzle is nothing but a 7/16” tube (#234) from Evergreen. I’m treating the engine as a separate kit by adding details to it. More on the engine soon.

Hope you guys like it.