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Modeling Nostalgia: 1/48 Gates Learjet, Pt. II: Testor’s re-release

Don McIntyre follows up his detailed look at IMC’s old Gates Learjet with a look at the Testor’s reboxed version of the kit, with a few updates.

The IMC kit was rereleased by Testors, but they modified the molds, so that instead of having the Panoramic Windows like the IMC kit has (I believe it’s a Model 23) it’s got the smaller rectangular windows (as per the Model 24).

“The box art, while not particularly inspired…” comment from the IMC preview could surely apply to the Testors box as well. The box is nice and sturdy, though.

One of the main changes was the change in the cabin windows. As you can see, the Testors release has the smaller windows and the tail contains two slots for the VOR antennae.

When you look at the details of the engine and landing gear bits, you can see that Testors didn’t chrome-plate the parts as IMC did in the original. It also looks as though Testors (for some odd reason) duplicated the engine and landing gear sprues.

The tires are still vinyl but Testors didn’t provide the red and green navigation light parts (luckily I’ve got plenty in the IMC kit to rob). The rest of the plastic parts appear to be pretty much identical.

The decals are of a much better quality, but they’re not (IMHO) very inspired.

So, there you go, a quick preview and a comparison of (essentially) the same kit in it’s original and modified (30-year newer) form.

(Don McIntyre, Clarksville, TN,I’ve been building models since the late 1960s and while I’ve built many different models in different scales, I’m trying to focus on 1/48th Scale. I’m a member of Gateway Christian Church.)