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Readers’ Gallery: Gil Hodges 1/48 Haegawa Bf-109E-3

Forum member Gil Hodges shared this unique build, which feature some markings done in a very clever way! Looks great, Gil!

Dr. Erich Mix was a WWI ace who got 2-3 kills in WWII (pre BoB) before being promoted to make room for the “young guns” like Mölders and Galland. I always liked the “hollow” markings on this scheme, and had one built until one of my shelves collapsed and crushed it! Thus, the need to build another…….

Hasagawa 1/48 kit, with a few pe doo-dads in the cockpit and the brake lines added. Canted the tail wheel for the fun of it. Falcon vacuform “early” center canopy section.  Didn’t worry too much about accuracy overall; just copied a color plate I found on the internet.

Model Master enamels for the Luftwaffe 70/71/65 scheme. The side Gruppe markings were drawn with a fine tipped Sharpie onto clear decal paper using a geometric template. I was a little short on German decals in the spares box, so the crosses on the fuselage sides and on the wing bottoms are actually old (and the Lord only knows HOW old) Monogram kit decals! A little extra soaking and some Solvaset and they worked quite well!