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Readers’ Gallery: Mike Reader’s 1/32 21st Century Kits F4U-1A Corsair

New forum member Mike Reader shared some pics of a previous build he did when he discovered 21st Century’s great kits from a few years ago. Great work Mike!

Greetings!  Here is my second 1/32nd kit I have ever made. I purchased this kit on a trip to Minot in the U.S. some years ago from a Target store for $5.00. They had a 1/32nd Stuka for the same, so like any good modeller, ya just gotta’ have it. It was made by 21st Century Models. I’d never heard of them before. You can use the screws ( yes screws ) that came with the kit to hold it together, and it was made with a plastic that normal glues would not stick that great- cyno worked though. Other than that the detail for an unknown maker was excellent- it was so good I decided to install an electric motor which cost $6.00, a dollar more than the kit , go figure. Just a word of warning- don’t try to stop the spinning prop with your finger, it bled for ages. My only added part to the kit was a hypo needle for the pitot tube.  This kit spells danger all round!