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Kit Preview: Tamiya’s 1/35 Israeli Tank M1 Super Sherman

David Willis gives us a quick preview of Tamiya’s “Super Sherman”. Thanks for sending that in, David!

This is Tamiya’s Military Miniature Series No. 322, a 1/35 Israeli Tank M1 Super Sherman. Three sets of markings are provided in the kit:

– 7th Armored Brigade, Sinai Peninsula, November 1956, Vehicle -75254 (OD)

– 7th Armored Brigade, Sinai Peninsula, November 1956, Vehicle 75223 (OD)

– Display Vehicle, The Armored Corps Memorial Site & Museum, Latrun, Israel (Light Sand)

The kit is a mix of older Tamiya Sherman sprues on the lower parts, with brand new molds on the upper side.  The parts have crisp  detail, with some flash. Roadwheels are  the standard hollow-backed Tamiya roadwheels.

The kit consists of more than 200 OD green molded parts on 5 sprues, including a machine gun and two figures). The tracks are vinyl, T54E1 rubber band tracks. A nylon string tow cable is provided. The upper hull has cast texturing, with the exception of the transmission cover, which is on an older sprue.

It’s your standard, quality Tamiya product, begging for aftermarket stuff, but a joy to build straight out of the box. For lightweight armor builders, like myself, I’d give the kit a 7 out of 10.  For the hardcore  detail freak, it’s probably 5 out of 10.

I snagged mine at Lucky Model for about $30 (US).  The average, online price seems to be about $42 (US).