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Readers’ Gallery: Andy Mason’s Hasegawa 1/48 Mitsubishi F-2A

Forum member Andy Mason shared this stunning Mitsubishi F-2A with us. Absolutely gorgeous!

Decals: Afterburner “6 Hikotai F-2A/B
AM: Shawn Hull GE F110 Exhaust
Paint: Mr Color (airframe camo) and Tamiya paints

Having built 5 Tamiya F-16s, I was ready to be disappointed with the engineering of Hasegawa’s F-2A.  Instead, I was pleasantly surprised at the similar breakdown of construction and parts as well as the precise fit of most of the assemblies.  A little tidying up of the wing joins and getting a seamless intake were the only places that needed a touch of putty and a little extra work.  The F-2 is really a joy to build.

I used Mr. Color paints for the first time — and LOVED them!  I used the colors called out on the Afterburner decal sheet and thinned them with Mr. Leveling Thinner and they went down smooth and dried rock hard.  Afterburner’s F-2A decal sheet has an enormous amount of stencils to cover the F-2A airframe — they even include my favorite: decals for the raised white lettering on the tires!  I spent several sessions applying all of the tiny markings, but the end result was worth it. The only other addition to the kit was the Shawn Hull GE F-110 exhaust, which is a true work of art!  Too bad Shawn recently indicated he is taking a sabbatical from producing his resin otherwise he’d have multiple orders from me!