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Readers’ Gallery: Vin’s 1/32 Moebius Colonial Viper II

Agape forum member Vin (iwragg) posted this Viper build he completed for his son. Great work Vin! I’m sure he’ll love it!

Maker:Moebius Models
Scale: 1/32nd
Pros: Excellent fit for this type of kit. Built into a nicely presented result. Good detail for a Scifi kit.
Cons:Decals are brittle, suggest a coating of varnish before applying.
Paints used: Tamiya semigloss black for preshading, Humbrol light grey primmer, Humbrol Dark Sea Grey, Model Master Burnt Iron and Tamiya Flat White.
Finish: Future and Model Master Dull Coat
Glues: both contact and weld glues used
Filler: Tamiya Filler and Mr Surfacer