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Decals: DRAW Decals Aero Union DC-4/C-54 Firebombmer

Randie Coulter sent in this preview of an upcoming release from DRAW Decals. Imagine Randie drooling over something to do with fire bombers! 😉

I recently received a large, stiff manilla envelope from DRAW Decal. While humming the theme from ‘Mission: Impossible’, I carefully opened it up.

Inside I found these…..

Wow! They are nice! I slipped on my Optivisor (as I ALWAYS do when looking at new decals) and found if you use the highest magnification, you can actually read the tank data! They are not just some squiggly little black lines meant to represent the tank data. The ‘DANGER PROP ARC’ in white on the red safety stripe is about as close to center as one can expect.

There are decals to represent the NACA (National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics) scoops on the retardant tank, two different styles of anti-glare panels (be sure and research the particular DC-4 you are planning to model) as well as decals that represent the doors and windows. This is a feature used on a lot of the smaller scale airliner models and a nice touch.

When I first glanced at the instructions I thought that Tim had made a grave error, then I went back and read it THOROUGHLY! When I saw DC-6! Oh, no! But, after reading it (when all else fails, read the directions) I realized he was saying you needed to utilize the retardant tank from the Minicraft DC-6 fire bomber kit in conjunction with their DC-4 kit!

In conclusion I highly recommend this set from DRAW if you just have to have an Aero Union DC-4 in your air tanker fleet. N ow, I guess I need to find a 1/144 Minicraft DC-4 and DC-6 kit!

This set is scheduled for release, later this year.

I would like to thank Greg Drawbaugh of DRAW Decal for the review example. I would also like to throw out a thanks to Tim Bradley, Bill Miller and our own Tom Stein for their collaboration on this set. Now, if we could just get some 1/72 DC-7 fire bomber decals to go with Coatrail Models conversion set. * wink, wink *

Randie Coulter
Admin. Scale Firebomber Forum