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Readers’ Gallery: Bo Roberts’ Pegasus Hobbies 1/48 Hawker Hurricane Mk. I

When it comes to modeling, Bo knows fun. (Sorry Bo, I couldn’t resist…. ;)) I love to see Pegasus Hobbies kits show up in our forums. Yes, they are snap kits. No, they aren’t uber-detailed like the latest kit from Tamigawumpeteruard. But you know what? They’re fun. To me, it’s exactly what I loved about the hobby as a kid, and still do. Enjoy it for the fun of it. It’s the journey, not the destination.

Great stuff Bo. Thanks for sharing!

Modeling is fun again when ya DON’T have to strive for perfection.  This Hurricane is the product of about a two week build (that’s lightning fast for me).  Most of the time spent was waiting for something to dry.

This kit has been built and shown here many times but I will tell you what I did to make improvements on a very nice kit.

Added seat belts and gun sight and a few fiddly things to make the cockpit more busy. I boxed in the landing light areas and made lights outta sliced tubing and painted them silver and put a big drop of white glue to simulate the glass bulb. Made the leading edge lenses outta packaging tape, masked and readied for paint. Cut off all kit nav lights and made colored bulb with stretched sprue and painted appropriate color.  Once again, used white glue/Krystal Klear to fill-in and make the lenses. Drilled out the light on bottom and filled it with white glue tinted with red/yellow clear Tamiya acrylic.  Drilled out the exhaust pipes and painted to my liking. Vac-u-formed the canopy and made new mirror above the forward windshield. (Oh, glued the canopy in place using WHITE GLUE, swiped off the excess with a wet finger.  Works like a champ.) Made pitot tube and fitted to the bottom of the left wing. The kit spinner is too small in diameter at the back plate, so I tried, once, and failed to vac a new spinner that would extend past the forward engine cowl per the real thing (Viewing from the profile). Painted using Testors acrylic paints and added Super Scale Hurricane decals.  Both the decals and ARCO-Aircam Publication called for the undersides to be Azure Blue.  I used a Pollyscale Railroad color that looked “close-enuff”!!

As I said before, unless you want to spent a lot of time, I would NOT recommend this kit as a starting point for IPMS contest.  But if ya want a nice shelf sitter, that you don’t want to put in the display case and that kids can pick up and examine/play with, the Pegasus Hobbies makes a GREAT fund build with a very small investment.  They retail for around $10 or $11.  Enjoy!!