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Readers’ Gallery: Rick Lorenz’s 1/48 Accurate Miniatures TBM Avenger

Agape forum member Rick Lorenz (Spruemeister) shared his work on this TBM Avenger in the not-so-often- seen Atlantic scheme. Excellent work Rick!

After a discussion about Accurate Miniatures following the weekly Bible Study, I thought I would put up a couple pictures of an old build of mine from…  can’t remember.  Oh well.  Its one of the better kits I’ve ever built which is a testimony to AM and their products, not to my meager modeling skills.

Also I needed an excuse to test run a new photo set up.  4 desk lamps set up around a 66 quart semi-translucent plastic tote, with posterboard background and my Nikon D-50 on a tripod.  18-55mm lens, in program mode and incandescent white balance.  I can’t remember who I stole this idea from.  I think it was here on Agape.

I still don’t have the depth of field issue solved, but I have another lens option to try.  I like how they turned out for the most part.  Enough to keep tweaking it a little.

I must have built this in my pre-weathering days.  Kinda clean for North Atlantic duty.