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Readers’ Gallery: Mark Houpt’s Airfix 1/72 MiG-15

Agape forum member Mark Houpt (mhoupt) posted his finished work on this great little Airfix MiG. Thanks for sharing it Mark!

How do you know when a kit is finished? When there are no more parts on the sprues and the box is ready to toss. And that is where this really nice Mig-15 sits right now. She is DONE!


3 thoughts on “Readers’ Gallery: Mark Houpt’s Airfix 1/72 MiG-15”

  1. Nice! The control panel looks really great through the canopy. Is that all straight from the kit, or is there any aftermarket involved?

  2. @VON_L – sorry for the late reply sir. To answer your question, this cockpit was the Eduard color zoom set. It really makes that area, which is somewhat lacking in the kit, just pop out. The zoom set is fairly cheap ($5 or so online) so is very reasonable to add to an $8 model.


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