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Readers’ Gallery: RJ Tucker’s 1/72 Hasegawa F-4C

Forum member RJ Tucker posted photos of his first completed build for 2011, a great looking F-4C. It looks awesome!

This is an F-4C of the 191st Fighter Interceptor Group of the Michigan ANG.  My first for 2011.

The Viet Nam war impacted the US Armed Forces long after it ended.  One of the consequences of the wartime attrition was the delay in modernization of the Reserve and National Guard.  As the Phantom production no longer had to make-up for combat losses, the active USAF Fighter Wings transitioned to the F-4E, making Phantoms available for the Guard and Reserve.  Since the F-4C was the closest USAF version to the original F-4B interceptor, it went to units with the air-defense mission. The 191st Fighter Interceptor Group of the Michigan ANG traded in their F-101Bs for the F-4C. These Phantoms quickly shed the green & brown camouflage for the Air Defense Gray scheme.

In February 1982 the 191st packed up their gear, boarded their Phantoms, and headed to Tyndall AFB to conduct live fire intercepts with their new mount against F-102 target drones. This was one of the few times ANG planes would fly with a full load weapons and expend them in a realistic scenario.

This is 1/72 Hasegawa F-4C kit with an Eduard F-4F zoom set, True Details bang-seats, Hasegawa Weapons Set III, and decals from the SSI sheets: 72-164, 293 & 484. The missile decals are from the Hasegawa kit & Scale-Master sheet SM-39. This model depicts a live-fire exercise participate or an alert aircraft hence the full missile complement.