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Readers’ Gallery: James Kelly’s Revell of Germany 1/48 Rafale B

Jame’s Kelly (forum member jkelleycrna) shared his first completed build of 2011, and it looks great!

This is Revell of Germany’s 1/48 Rafale B. Great kit, terrible decals (Cartograph, too). Like, old Academy bad decals. I built it to the point of being ready for primer, then lost interest in it- 1 1/2 years ago(!) Lots of scratchbuilt stuff in the cockpit, including the ejector handles and new parachute headboxes on the seats.

I decided to finish it a couple of weeks ago, and figured I’d have it done by New Year’s Eve. Alas, the decals were matte-finished, brittle, and impermeable to all solvents: MicroSet, Mr. Mark Softer, Solvaset, and even Future brushed under the edges. The edges of the wing Tiger markings still peeled back, and rolled up. I ended up slicing the leading edges off, and repainting the differences by hand. Otherwise, it’d have been done in 2010.