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Readers’ Gallery: Andy Mason’s 1/48 Hasegawa F-14A

Following up on Andy Mason’s F-5E from Monday is this awesome F-14. Looks great Andy!

Well, I’m calling this one done.  It’s been on the bench far too long and is sucking the modeling mojo right out of me.  This was my first Hasegawa Tomcat build and all I can say is my esteem for those who complete one of these in good form has skyrocketed.  (Agape forum member) Phil makes it look easy on the video, but this one was the most challenging build for me to date.  I was very tempted to “launch” it off the workbench more than once, but persevered and have now have a Tomcat for my display case.  Believe me it is fraught with shortcomings (that’s not false humility seeking a complement . . . it’s just a fact), but it looks like a Tomcat and that beautiful gloss gray over white scheme distracts from all the goofs I made.